Estate or Succession Planning


Estate planning is a multidisciplinary profession.


  • We understand how accountants work and how lawyers work.
  • We build common ground between a client’s accountants, financial planners and lawyers in the estate planning process.
  • We use a standard methodology and a rigorous Know Your Client process.
  • We are not lawyers but our knowledge of the laws of succession enable us to identify problem areas in a client’s affairs which require advice from a qualified lawyer.

Typically we respond to requests by clients, or their accountants, to design a strategy which, when documented by lawyers, passes their personal and business assets to their next generation.
We use a comprehensive Fact Find to gain a full picture of all the assets the client owns or controls - including assets not covered in the client’s will.

All supporting documents such as family trust deeds, superannuation trust deeds, company constitutions , financial statements and income tax returns, are reviewed.

A Flow Chart is made of all entities to discover the interrelationships which exist between what the client owns and what they control.
Often testamentary trusts form part of the estate plan because of their asset protection and income splitting advantages.

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