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 Relationship breakdowns

Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates:

  • 50,000 divorces each year
  • One third of marriages are 2nd + marriages
  • 40% have children less than 16 years old from prior marriage(s)

Marriage breakdowns are dealt with under the Commonwealth Family Law Act while De Facto breakdowns are dealt with by the NSW Property (Relationships) Act. Legal advice should be sought in such matters.
In the case of “2nd Marriage Wills”, you need to aware that on death you completely lose control of what happens thereafter, other than by operation of your will. It is imperative therefore that you make the clearest possible arrangements to protect the future while you are still alive.

Lawyers will advise that, particularly where there are children from previous relationships, the difficulty is in finding the balance between securing the financial position of the new spouse, while trying to ensure the children from the first marriage benefit from the assets the client has accumulated during their life, rather than the children of the new spouse.

Again seek legal advice in this complex area.

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